New developed Disinfection Sprayer

2020-04-17 Conloon 0

Affected by the current epidemic situation, in order to meet the needs of users around the world, our company is now developing a new disinfection machine.

This ultra-low capacity nebulizer can be widely used in disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal, formaldehyde removal and other spraying work. This product has many advantages such as accurate orientation, long range, good insecticidal effect, saving water and pesticide, spraying large fog drops on the back of leaves and safe for operator. In addition, it only needs a little pesticide in air and dust disinfection, moreover, the fog drop is small in diameter but large in quantity and it is well distributed and could float in the air a long time, which make the air and dust are disinfected effectively. So the nebulizer is well-liked by users.